October 16, 2023

Benefits Reconciliation 3.1. Whats New?

Tabulera’s Benefits Reconciliation version 3.1 includes a number of new features based on user feedback to enhance your user experience including more user control over update processes, notifications, and new user interface enhancements.

Invoice Refresh

Yellow indicates that an invoice has not been uploaded

The invoice summary page of Benefits Reconciliation version 3.1 now enables the user to regenerate the reconciliation on-demand once invoice data is entered or updated from the Sources menu.

To regenerate a reconciliation simply click the refresh icon  next to the invoice name in the invoice summary page.

Enrollment Reconciliation

Version 3.1 introduces Enrollment Reconciliation alongside our Payroll Reconciliation capabilities. Enrollment reconciliations may be useful for companies looking for a reconciliation process, even if employers are covering all benefits or before payroll data becomes available.  

To access this feature, click on the hamburger menu  at the top left of the invoice summary page and select either Payroll Reconciliation or Enrollment Reconciliation.  

Carrier Invoice Alerts

The Sources menu Carrier Invoice panel now includes new warning labels added to the invoice name column:

Red indicates that an uploaded invoice lacks plan configuration information 

Yellow indicates tha an invoice has not been uploaded 

Manually Resolved Status

The Resolution Status in the “Status” column of the Benefits Reconciliation detailed invoice panel now features several new status categories. When transactions find a match with no variances or rounding discrepancies, the system now designates these as "Auto Resolved." You may also change the status, or if you resolve an item by clicking on the “Resolve” button in the Employee View detailed panel and the item is marked as "Manually Resolved". This allows for improved tracking and auditing of how each invoice item was resolved.

Customizable Field

The Employee View detail panel now has the ability to display additional enrollment information in the form of an extra text field. It can contain any information requested by the user, such as:

  • Job title
  • Division/Subsidiary
  • COBRA status
  • Enrollment platform, etc,. 

Increased Line Items Per Page

The platform has now the ability to display up to 100 line items on a single page (Invoice or Employee view in both payroll and enrollment reconciliation).

Beginning Plan Balance Date

Our Beginning Plan Balance feature allows you to ignore data from previous periods, simplifying your reconciliation process and ensuring you start fresh when you need to. All panels and dashboard will display the plan balance information starting from the predefined date.

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EDI Connectivity:

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Consolidated Invoicing:

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Payments Automation:

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