Automation solutions for Insurance Carriers

You have tried to streamline your employers benefits reconciliations with technology but other benefit tasks have become burdensome for your service and accounting teams.
Hours of administration seem to be endless and expensive, resulting in large write-offs at the end of the year.

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Lack visibility and clarity in your distribution channels?

Streamline manual processes with Tabulera

  • Platform agnostic

    Enrollment engine agnostic platform creates consolidated feeds to carrier systems

  • Prevent errors

    Electronically bill clients and match with enrollment feeds and avoid costly reconciliation errors

  • Clear View

    Provide brokers and producers with commission dashboards

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Modules that save you time

Benefits Reconciliation

Identify variances quickly and track to resolution

Consolidated Invoicing

Create and publish consolidated invoices in PDF and .xls formats

EDI Connectivity

Create, generate and send carrier EDI enrollment feeds


Generate carrier defined remittance advice formats and send payments

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